Java Technical Consultant Trainee

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Java Technical Consultant Trainee
Update: 16 Juli 2024
Dilihat: 269 kali
Valid: 76 hari
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Management Trainee
2 Oktober 2024 (76 hari lagi)
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Teknologi Informasi
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Sarjana / S1
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Full Time
Seluruh Indonesia
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Job Description 

  • Collaborate with the team to understand business requirements and provide technical solutions.
  • Participate in the design and development of ERP software, and ensure the quality and efficiency of the code.
  • Conduct code review and optimization to improve the performance and maintainability of the system.
  • Carry out system testing and troubleshooting to ensure the stability and reliability of the system.
  • Document development processes and results to facilitate knowledge sharing and system maintenance.
  • Keep learning and mastering new technologies and tools to improve technical capabilities.


Syarat Khusus:


Education : Bachelor's degree or above in computer science, software engineering, or related fields.

Year Experience : Fresh graduates , relevant internship or project experience is preferred.

Other Requirements :

  • Good programming skills in Java, familiar with Spring Boot/Spring Cloud framework and related technologies.
  • Familiar with database design and operation, such as MySQL, Oracle, etc.
  • Good communication and teamwork skills, with a strong sense of responsibility and learning ability.
  • Passionate about technology and software development, with innovative thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Fluent in English, with certain reading and writing abilities.
  • Bring your demo works, graduation projects, or any software-related projects for presentation. We welcome students from all majors who are interested in the software industry.
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