Service Delivery Manager

Influx Inc.

"The Commons", 10 -20 Gwynne St, Cremorne VIC 3121, Australis
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Service Delivery Manager Closed
Update: 5 April 2021
Dilihat: 366 kali
Kategori Posisi:
Pelayanan Pelanggan / Customer Service
26 April 2021
Bidang Industri:
Pendidikan Min.:
Minimal Diploma
Jenis Lowongan:
Full Time
Seluruh Indonesia
Syarat Umum:
  • Success story in managing 15+ people, preferably in the service industry

  • Prior experience managing a complex team containing various roles

  • Prior experience working in a B2B environment

  • Takes initiative and performs autonomously

  • Ability to form effective plans and roadmaps

  • A team player, able to work with various stakeholders

  • Good communication skills, including written and spoken English

Syarat Khusus: -
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  • Ensure the success of each client in your portfolio

  • Make sure your team meet their KPI

  • Design your team, and implement that design

  • Maintain and improve culture and morale

  • Maintain and improve the profitability of your team

  • Communicate and coordinate with the sales team, HR, and other teams 

How to Apply:

  1. As the first step of the application, please answer the questions at this link:
  2. Then, log in your UCC account member
  3. Please complete your CV
  4. Click "Apply" for this position


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